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What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses the natural power of light to cure, treat and prevent a wide variety of unwanted health issues.

Light therapy is not new, revolutionary or space-aged, but has been used in the medical practice of just about all cultures since the beginning or recorded history. In fact, light therapy was used in the medical practice of modern societies until the advent of antibiotics, when most natural remedies were put aside in favor of medical advancements.

Today, light is once again being recognized as the most advanced form of treatment for an ever growing list of conditions, including acne treatment.

Light Therapy for Natural Acne Treatment

Light therapy has been used for acne treatment for decades. Originally, UV light was commonly used by dermatologists, but UV treatments were abandoned as the UV scare gained publicity.

Blue Light Therapy

Later it was discovered that blue light retains some of the antibacterial properties of UV light, but without the skin cancer risk. As a result, blue light therapy has now become one of the best acne treatments available since it kills acne bacteria quickly, without medications or side effects.

Red Light Therapy

When NASA brought red LEDs into space, they kicked off the modern use of red light therapy . Studies have found that blue light as an acne treatment is more effective when used in conjunction with red light. Red light is able to penetrate more deeply into the skin than blue light, accelerating the body's own natural healing process.

Let's learn more about the exciting benefits of acne light therapy, starting with blue light acne treatment, next.

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