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About Us

This website has been created and is maintained by Light Therapy Options, L.L.C. We have been in business since 2008, since then specializing in blue and red light therapy for acne treatment. You can learn more about us on our home site at .

Our History Of Acne Lights

Over the years, we have created and sold a few different acne lights. Here’s a quick history of the acne lights we have sold.

The GE Dichroics

Around 2002 it became main stream news that blue light therapy got rid of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. At Sci\ART Global we published and advertised this research and offered our GE Dichroic lights for acne treatment.

The enLux 415 LED Acne Light

Since all the new research was being done with LEDs, we sought out a LED manufacturer here in the US, and had our first acne light custom made for us - the enLux 415 nm. We offered this with the companion enLux Red HPLED for acne treatment with excellent results. Their legacy is still recorded on the boards at This light is now called the Peak 415™ and is still available here.

The enLux Hybrid LED Acne Light

In 2006 we created the Hybrid, which was half 415 nm blue and half red. The effectiveness and convenience of this light soon made it our best selling acne light.

It was with the Hybrid that I became convinced that blue light could kill acne bacteria in as little as 6 seconds of treatment time.
In 2013, we changed the name of the enLux Hybrid to the Dual Peak™, and we changed the fin color to black to match the rest of the line.

The LightWave CS™ LED Acne Light

2009 - I put my knowledge and experience with light therapy into designing my own acne light, which I called the LightWave CS™. Intelligent Acne was built to present all of our acne light therapy information, and to offer the LightWave CS as the most advanced acne light on the market at the time.

The Tri Peak™ LED Acne Light

2015 - the Tri Peak™ LED Acne Light replaces the LightWave CS as the most advanced acne light on the market today.