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Practical Help for Parents of Kids with Acne

If your son or daughter suffers from acne, it is natural for you to want to help him or her get rid of it as quickly as possible. You want to protect your child from

  • the painful ridicule from classmates,
  • the weakening self image, and
  • the physical scarring that acne can cause.

You may already feel that you have tried everything, so now you are looking into alternative treatments as a last ditch effort to avoid the doctor’s recommendation to put your child on harmful antibiotics, birth control pills, or Accutane.

As a parent, you're looking for an acne treatment that works, and works consistently. You’re looking for an acne treatment that your teen or preteen will actually use, not another fading ritual of bottles and tubes of miracle products day and night. You’re looking for an acne treatment that is SAFE for your child, and that won't cause any harmful side effects, discomfort, or down-time. (Not to mention birth defects in your grandkids.)

If this sounds like you, take heart. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's blue.

Blue light works and works consistently.

Blue light has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective for the treatment of mild-to-severe cases of inflammatory acne. Eighty six percent of people who use blue and red light acne therapy find some degree of success, including total clearing within 12 weeks of consistent treatment with recommended use.

We've found that blue and red light works fastest for teenagers and preteens, so they may begin to notice improvement in cases of mild-to-moderate acne in just a few days. This will encourage them to stick with the treatment.

Blue light therapy works best for mild-to-moderate acne, but our research and experience has equipped us to help you handle even severe acne cases with light therapy as part of a holistic approach, described below.

Blue light acne treatment is quick and easy.

Our Tri Peak LED Acne Light has a short treatment time, and a wide treatment area, so your teen will be done with their treatment in less than 3 minutes per day.

Back acne treatments are as fast and convenient as facial treatments.

Blue light therapy is something your teenager is likely to actually stick to without complaint. If they have complained about other treatments, as has been the case of my 13 year old daughter, the therapy is something you can realistically do for them.

Blue light acne treatment is SAFE.

Blue and red light is completely safe for your child, inside and out. It is 100% natural, simple light. It is completely non-invasive. It does not cause the skin to dry out, itch, redden or swell. In fact, there are no adverse side effects reported at all. For a full discussion of all potential safety concerns, please read the article, "Is Blue Light Acne Treatment Safe?"

But sometimes blue light therapy is not enough.

Tackling Severe Cases of Inflammatory and Cystic Acne With a Holistic Approach

If your son or daughter is suffering from a severe case of inflammatory or cystic acne, then they may actually be suffering from a severe hormonal imbalance and/or Vitamin D deficiency. You may notice symptoms of this showing up in other areas of their health and wellbeing as well, aside from their skin. For example, their mood, concentration, weight and immunity may also be affected.

Blue and red light acne treatment can certainly help treat severe and cystic acne from the outside, however, I'm sure you'll agree it is best to find and treat the cause of the problem. Total clearing of the acne condition may then be achieved safely and naturally by taking an "inside-out," holistic type of approach.

Let’s get rid of your child’s acne altogether.
You can.

Consider this: In non-westernized societies, acne as a condition does not exist - not even among the teenage population. So why do our children suffer from this sometimes devastating, disfiguring disease?

No doubt you've done your research and you've learned that the cause of your child’s acne is a hormone imbalance. If you can correct the cause of your child’s acne, you can eliminate the problem altogether.

Granted, there are many things that bear on our children’s hormone balance today, especially during the teen and preteen years, but let’s consider two of the most significant: what they eat, and the amount of sunshine they get.

1. Hormone Balance & What Your Kids Eat

What your child eats and drinks has a dramatic and immediate effect on their hormone balance. Diet has finally been proven to be related to the presence and severity of an acne condition. At least two studies since 2002 have identified the link between what we eat and the cascade of hormones leading directly to the overproduction of oil in the skin and the resulting acne condition. You may find links to these studies from the following articles:

Yes, Diet IS Related to Acne

There is no Profit in the Acne Cure

2. Hormone Balance, Sunshine & Vitamin D

This is important for at least two reasons related to hormone balance:

i. Natural light is actually a basic human nutrient, just like food or water. Light entering through the eyes travels directly to the hypothalamus in the brain which is ultimately responsible for total hormone balance. Read more about this.

ii. Light striking the skin is the only natural way our bodies produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is actually a pre hormone, not a vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency is now a pandemic. Unless your child gets regular sun exposure without sunscreen, it is likely that they are Vitamin D3 deficient.

Most Vitamin D research going on now is focused on the cure and prevention of such things as cancer, diabetes, autism, and other catastrophic diseases, but Vitamin D has been linked to acne in the past , and will no doubt prove to be a visible symptom of Vitamin D deficiency as research continues.

Please follow the links on this page to learn more about how blue and red light therapy, a healthy diet, adequate daylight and Vitamin D3 can get rid of your child's acne and help sustain their vibrant health, inside and out.

Please feel free to email or call me personally if you have any questions about how to implement this information for your son or daughter.

Louanna Wilson ("Mom")
Owner - Light Therapy Options
Phone: (800) 673-9407